Daily Prompt Response: Happiness

Daily Prompt Response: Happiness

This is a response to today’s Daily Prompt: what does “happiness” look like to you?

I call this photo “Transcendence” – it’s probably my favorite photo that I’ve ever taken. It’s an image of the area underneath a dirty bridge in urban Saint Paul, but somehow the beautiful light and colors point upward and suggest a heavenly quality. It’s transcendence – out of the mundane can come pure beauty.

To me, happiness is something deeper than a moment-by-moment feeling. Happiness is a quality of life that comes from deep meaning, from overcoming suffering and emerging in one piece. I have struggled for years with severe anxiety, panic attacks, and depression, and sometimes moment-by-moment “happiness” can be hard to come by. However, I can say with certainty that my life is filled with a sense of meaning and purpose – that I am happy despite my suffering. This is the transcendence represented in my photo – out of anxiety and pain can come deep wisdom and strength.


11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt Response: Happiness

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  10. I have struggled with chronic depression and migraines. I have also studied Martin Seligman’s positive psychology and thought this might help you on your spiritual and emotional path. I blog about gratitude which is an integral part of my work toward continued happiness.

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